Terrawool Insulation

Terrawool is a subsidiary of Cladmate, which specializes in designing and producing A1-rated stone wool insulation solutions for building envelopes and cladding applications.
We have created a specific range of products for various applications. Our stone wool insulation is well-known for its exceptional thermal and acoustic properties. All of our Terrawool stone wool insulation is rated A1 for fire resistance, ensuring that it is non-combustible and provides the highest level of safety.

Not only does this remarkable insulation provide exceptional fire resistance, thermal and acoustic properties, but it is also environmentally friendlier when compared to so many alternatives. Terrawool insulation is made from 100% natural and sustainable volcanic basalt rock, making it a choice that promotes a modern and sustainable living or working environment.




Fire Rating (Insulation)

Application Areas

Application Areas (Insulation)


Density (Insulation)
Euroclass A1 fire rated optimised for façade applications with exceptional water resistance, thermal and acoustic performance.
A high density rigid insulation optimised for all EWI applications inc renders.
Designed for internal use with a structural composition that enhances acoustic performance.
Dimclad’s unique design provides UV stability and additional wind protection. Perfect for open joint façade systems.
Designed to provide up to 3 hours fire protection when used in concrete soffits.
A flexible solution for flooring applications that can also be utilised in pitched roofs.