Dimclad is designed specifically where exposure to harmful sun rays due to an open joint configuration of the finished façade is a consideration the tissue face adding to all the benefits of Rainclad with its UV stability assurance.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Non-combustible Euro class A1 rating
  • Suitable for buildings over 18 m
  • Maximum versatility that allows you to create the facade you desire
  • High thermal and acoustic performance
  • The breathable open-cell structure of Dimclad allows water vapour to pass through
  • Factory-applied water-repellent fibres work to prevent water ingress during construction.
  • Specifically designed balance density of Dimclad reduces the number of fixing
  • Can easily be fitted around the brackets and provides a continuous thermal performance with the help of random fibre orientation.
  • Black tissue facing of DIMCLAD provides wind resistance and UV stability.

More Information

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