Ecopad is an efficient solution for reducing thermal bridging through concrete and steel connections, significantly enhancing a building’s energy performance. It is a straightforward yet highly effective product that meets building regulations’ thermal conductivity and compressive strength requirements.

The product is made from reinforced fire-resistant thermoset resin and has a Euroclass A2 fire rating.
Ecopad is a versatile product that meets various designers’ needs by providing all the essential properties in a single simple solution that is easy to install.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be supplied as cut pads to fit in any shape within the parameters of the material. The thickness of the material is 5mm.
  • A2 fire rated non-combustible
  • Very high structural performance and compressive strength (EN ISO 604)

Ecopad Structural Thermal Break is manufactured to use between flanged vertical and horizontal connections. It reduces the thermal bridging between internal and external structural building elements.

Technical Data

Ecopad Is Suitable To Use

  • Steel to steel
  • Steel to masonry/concrete
  • Steel to timber
  • Concrete to concrete
  • Between structural frames
  • Facade system connections to substrate
  • In isolation of sub-structure and basement elements
  • Roof parapets
  • Canopies
  • Balconies
  • External access systems
  • With roof plant enclosures
  • Through connections to existing substructures
  • In connection of external and internal primary building elements

Masonry to cladding connection

More Information

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