Quality & Environmental Policy

Cladmate Facade Systems is committed to achieving excellence in all our endeavours. We provide the best cladding solutions focusing on quality, environmental responsibility, and continuous improvement. Our commitment extends to our employees, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders, uniting us in pursuing shared values aligned with our mission and vision.

Safety First:

Our top priority is the Health and safety of our workforce and stakeholders. We strive to create a secure and healthy working environment. We are resolute in our dedication to safe operations, firmly believing that accidents can be prevented through diligence and responsible management.

Innovative Solutions:

With a customer-centric approach, we provide sustainable and dependable solutions. We harness evolving, eco-friendly technologies while upholding engineering discipline to serve our customers effectively.

Compliance and Sustainability:

We embrace our responsibilities, including legal obligations and customer expectations. We adhere to industry standards and practices, ensuring our services continually improve, with customer satisfaction paramount.

Valuing Our Team:

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their happiness is essential to our success. We promote diversity and equality within our team, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is respected and valued.

Environmental Stewardship:

We manage our environmental footprint with the utmost sensitivity, aiming to collaborate with all stakeholders to preserve a liveable environment for future generations.

Education and Awareness:

We support our stakeholders by providing necessary education and promoting awareness of quality, environmental responsibility, occupational Health, and safety. We consider continuous improvement a fundamental goal in all our activities.

Leadership and Excellence:

Our vision is to lead manufacturing and distributing full-cladding systems, surpassing customer expectations. We achieve this by adhering to customer and legal requirements, reducing waste through recycling, and fostering a culture of continuous environmental education among our employees.

Principles of Our Policy:

  • Ensuring timely and efficient fulfilment of customer requirements.
  • provide customers with clear and transparent information about the product.
  • Ensuring swift and reliable deliveries.
  • Identifying and mitigating significant environmental impacts in our production and distribution processes.
  • Promoting Health and safety within our organization.
  • Enhancing our employees’ qualifications through continuous training.
  • Complying with quality management system requirements and embracing continuous improvement as a core philosophy.

At Cladmate, we prioritize the safety of our employees and the environment in all aspects of our manufacturing and sales operations. This is reflected in our quality and environmental policy.