Cladmate is the premier destination for A1 fire rated facade support and through-wall systems.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge products and innovative solutions, coupled with an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Our Products

Helping Hand Brackets

Our A1 fire rated Fortis “Helping Hand” brackets are designed to provide primary support for cladding applications. They are engineered for strength, reliability, and efficiency and are available in double and single configurations, with a range of sizes from 40-300mm.

Profiles & Rails

Our A1 fire rated profiles and rails are engineered to form a substructure that transfers the load to the substrate through Fortis helping hand brackets. They are designed for mechanical fixing and structural bonding of cladding applications.


Our Ecopad is an innovative thermal break solution, rated A2 for fire resistance. They are made from reinforced, fire-resistant thermoset resin with an extremely low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength, maintaining structural integrity in the event of a fire.


Fixings, from bracket fixing to undercut anchors, are a pivotal component in the safe installation of any façade. Cladmate works with industry leaders such as Ejot, for whom we are a nationwide distributor, to ensure we can provide you with the appropriate fixing for your façade requirements.

Terrawool Insulation

Terrawool specializes in manufacturing A1 fire-rated stone wool insulation for cladding and building envelope applications. We are proud to transfer our experience and knowledge to engineer insulation products for the construction market.

Sealants and Adhesives

The performance of any façade is dependent upon the use of high quality sealants and adhesives. Cladmate partner with reputable manufacturers such as global leaders Sika to provide you with products that guarantee your façade performs for decades.

Our Cladding Support Systems

Testing & Certifications