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Non-ventilated Brick Slip Cladding System

WALLCLAD is a unique stone wool brick cladding system that enables you to use real clay brick slips to create an
insulated brick facade with A1 Fire Rating. It is an alternative solution for external brick cladding panels, which is easy to apply and has many advantages over similar systems on the market.

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WALLCLAD is stone wool based solid wall insulation which can be fitted to almost any type of substrate such as masonry block work, concrete, timber frame and steel frame. It is suitable for buildings up to 18m height and combines chemical and mechanical fixings for added stregth and durability.

WALLCLAD is a user friendly system with less but durable components, thus enhancing thermal efficiency massively. It provides high protection of the building’s structure by keeping your building warm and dry throughout the winter and summer.
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High performance A1 Fire Rated, natural, non-combustible dense stone wool insulation.

Non-combustible, A1 Fire Rated non-ventilated external cladding system

Suitable for new builds, existing buildings and re-cladding
WALLCLAD can be used on substrates such as brickwork, dense/light block, timber frame and SFS.
Terra tracking board is lightweight for easy installation and can be used with any metric brick slips..
Eliminates wet trades by using MS Polymer based adhesive
Thermal efficiency reduceces energy consumption and improves comfort

Popular Brick Slips

Terra bricks offers over 600 real brick slip colours, textures and finishes to choose from.MF Slip opens up a world of creative opportunities.